Who We Are


I am a German shepherd fan since childhood; I owned my first pure bred GSD when I was 18 years old, after which I realized I could not live happily without this friendly loyal beautiful companion. My passion took me to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Norway where I now have many well known GSD breeders as personal friends. I have in depth knowledge of German Shepherd types and various bloodlines.

For living I own and manage a construction establishment and another one for pet food  that provide me and my family a decent income to live on. Raising and occasionally breeding GSDs is only a passion and therefore I am not a big scale commercial breeder. I started the kennel upon many sincere requests by dear friends who could not afford importing a good pure bred GSD from abroad. The kennel at the moment is run and looked after by a joint effort of a professional team, and medical care is provided by one of best vets in Amman.

I am only iiterested, own and raise only own GSDs from various types and colors, I do not own, raise, breed or sell any other breeds, and I only breed when there are enough commitments from friends and acquaintances to provide suitable homes and good care for the puppies. From my breeding, some puppies will always be given free to close friends and family members in addition to persons with permanent disability, and some will be sold to qualified persons at a reasonable fair price. The money will be used for feeding, caring for and training the foundation dogs. In case there will be extra money left, it will be donated to animal rescue houses.


At Jordan German Shepherds We:

  • Highly recommend that you first visit a rescue or an animal’s care center where you can get appropriate guidance and maybe adopt a rescue puppy or dog and provide him/her a decent home.
  • Highly encourage you to neuter your puppy when mature to avoid accidental mating as resulting puppies may become astray or future rescues.
  • Provide with pleasure free puppies to people with permanent disabilities who need an assistant dog.
  • If and when you decide to buy a puppy from us, then you are kindly requested to go through useful info section first where you will find helpful information about the breed, raising and feeding a puppy.


 At Jordan German Shepherds We Only:

  • Breed few litters per year and at a low non-commercial scale.
  • Sell GSD puppies to qualified persons who can afford providing a fine lasting home, decent food, proper health care and training to the puppy. In case the puppy you buy from us is a pet quality then we will require that you sign a paper in which you state that you will not breed the dog in future or misuse it.

At Jordan German Shepherds We do not:

  • Sell puppies to unqualified people, young children and absolutely not to (traders, Back Yard breeders or pet shops).
  • Sell other Breeders’ puppies.
  • Sell puppies of any other Breed.
  • Provide Stud services.


Ibrahim Yousef

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