Obama and dog pants debate


Barack Obama has just given his verdict on the great dog pants debate

The president has weighed in on the great internet debate: How would a dog wear trousers?


As Barack Obama approaches his final 12 months in the White House,the leader of the free world has finally answered the question we all wanted to know the answer to: How would a dog wear pants?
In case you missed it, the internet has gone crazy for dogs wearing trousers and it turns out pet owners love them too after the product sold out.

dog wearing pants

The question divided millions on the internet and now the president has finally shared his thoughts on the great debate in an interview with a YouTube star.
So if dogs wore trousers, would they wear them on two or four legs? Obama chose the dog with ‘pants’ covering just two legs, commenting: “This [four legs] , I think, it’s a little conservative…too much fabric.”
The How Should a Dog Wear Pants? meme began with an illustration of a dog wearing pants on all four legs juxtaposed with the same dog wearing pants on his hind quarters being uploaded to Facebook.

It spread on social media and resulted in a company who actually sells trousers for dogs to sell out of the product.

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