Breeding Program



Our kennel is located in Rehab Al Jadeedadah, Mafraq at my 7500 square meters personal farm where a skilled laborer looks after, cleans and provides water & food to them. We feed all our dogs German made Happy Dog dry food. Each of our dogs has his/her personal home in a separatel fenced yard of 20-100  square meters area. Each of our dogs enjoys patrolling and guarding the entire farm 48 hours/week as a main job. Some of our dogs help neghbors in herding their sheep flocks.

Dog homes are made of reinforced concrete, dry and clean all the time, farm and dog yards floor is natural earth. Our dogs live a natural life close to that in nature combined with man mastership. Only healthy strong dogs that can live happily this way are bred at our kennel. Heated rooms are provided to bitches and their young puppies in cold season. Starting from 5th week puppies are gradually introduced to farm life outsede their own home life as sociaization starts. Puppies are given their 1st vaccination at 7-8 weeks age, a week thereafter they start leaving to their new homes.

Types and Bloodlines

We have both types; work and show German Shepherds. Our show type foundation dogs were mainly imported from Germany, and our work type foundation dogs were mainly imported from Czech Republic. Our show dogs are all of West German bloodline while our work dogs are of DDR, West German and Czech bloodlines. We breed for standard stock (short) hair but sometimes in some litters there will be a few puppies that are long coated. We breed for all colors without discrimination, we focus on health, temperament, work ability, correct structure, then on rich strong pigmentation rather on the color itself.

At our kennel we produce three categories of a German Shepherd Dog:

100% show type

100% work type, and

Show/Work mix

Why do we mix show with work? Answer is we believe that  a German Shepherd genetically goes back to one and same type , before the split into work and show the breed was what the founder intended it to be, i.e a work dog that can be showed. Mixing both the types was done before with success, and is still done successfully through good planning plus choosing the right dogs from both types that compement each other in temperament and structure. We carefukky cross both the types at our kennel with very good results. In Jordan. many owners look seek a beautiful German Shepherd of correct moderate structure that is protective, they do not care about winning in shows. A show/work cross when  done correctly provides such a dog that is beautiful, does not require an overly experienced owner, easy to control and live with, but what is more important he/she does guard its  home and family.


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